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The New Model For Private Investigation

Licensed Private Investigators
Serving Landlords and Businesses in New York City

Welcome... to the New Paradigm of Private Investigation

At Paradigm Investigations, we are the new model for your investigative needs. As licensed, fully bonded private investigators in New York City we primarily serve landlords and business owners who need help keeping track of their tenants - especially for the purposes of apartment recovery and skip tracing.

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Office: 646-688-4934
Fax: 646-688-3634

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Learn more about our Services:

Apartment recovery:

  • Rent control / Rent Stabilized Apartment recovery
  • Non-Primary residency
  • Illegal sublease
  • Overcrowding
  • Commercial use of residence

Investigating and Locating People:

  • Skip tracing tenants in arrears and phantom lessees
  • Background checks
  • Evidence gathering for use in anticipation of litigation

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